Summer Vacation!

Dear Past and Upcoming Third Graders,

I hope you are having a fantastic, fun, and relaxing summer break! I sure am! If you go to any camps, on any vacations, or read a great book, please comment on this post and tell me all about it. I can’t wait to meet all of you! The third grade team works very closely together, so even if you are not in my class, I am sure I will get to know you. Here is a picture of my boys, Noah and Nicholas.

Noah and Nick

Noah is 5 and Nicholas is 3. We are having lots of adventures this summer! Noah will be starting Kindergarten this year so I’m sure you will see him from time to time at school. Have fun and be safe!

Mrs. White

Voracious Readers Finish Strong!

Our class AR goal for the first quarter was 904.5 points.  Today was the last day of the 1st quarter!  Scratch off the scratchcard to see our points total! Drumroll please…………………………..

Students, use complete sentences to comment with the titles of your top two favorite books that you read this quarter.  Please tell their genres and  explain why you enjoyed them! 

A Delightful Day at Dinstuhl’s!


For the 2012-2013 school year, Riverwood optional classes have year long areas of investigation.  Ours is entitled “The Sweetness of Nature,” and I am very excited about the many ways I can integrate reading, writing, math, science and social studies through this theme! We have a lot of great learning experiences planned that revolve around this topic, but one of the basic ideas is that many types of candy, and especially chocolate, comes from nature!  We sure learned a lot about that today touring Dinstuhl’s Fine Candy Company!  I was amazed that a field trip so fun could also be so educational.  They are opening their kitchen for tours for the general public on Sunday, November 11, from 12-4.  Students, you should definitely take your family members and friends back on that date if they are interested.  Their address is

  5280 Pleasant View

  Memphis, TN 38134

Alert, Alert!  Math found in the “REAL WORLD!” A table…complete with NUMBERS…divided into categories, and totals!  And that chart is just for one day! They were making 264 caramel apples!  How can you tell that by looking at this chart? I wonder how they decided on that number…Also I believe the abbreviations at the top represent the names of the 3 stores (Laurelwood, Germantown, and Pleasant View).  Which apple seems to be the most popular at all three stores?  

Students, how did you like the field trip?  What are some things that you learned?  Comment to share what you liked, what you learned, and questions you still have.


Patriot Day 2012 Service Project


Today, third and fifth grade optional students participated in their first service project of the year. In remembrance of 9/11/01, they made cards and sent candy baskets to local police and fire stations to thank them for protecting our community.  Thank you to parents for donating the candy.  Also, a special thanks to Mrs. Baker for putting the baskets together, and to the parents and students who delivered them after school! I am sure your cards and candy are bringing lots of smiles!

Separating Mixtures

3-01 students enjoyed separating all kinds of mixtures! They used their hands, a filter, a magnet, a sieve and settling. They also predicted that evaporation will help them separate a solution of salt and water. We will test their hypothesis and let you know the results. Here are some pictures of scientists at work, and a few of mathematicians at work as well! Students, please comment to answer the following question.  Use complete sentences.  What was your favorite mixture to separate and why?


Mixtures and Mozart!


On Friday, 3-01 students were introduced to mixtures and solutions through reading, writing, creating, EATING and DRINKING! We learned that mixtures are made by combining two or more types of matter.  Solutions are special types of mixtures where everything is evenly spread out and mixed together. Many times a solid is dissolved into a liquid to create a solution.  Students got to make a mixture and a solution during yesterday’s science lesson! They mixed together m&ms, gummy bears, and Chex mix to make an edible mixture! They also dissolved Crystal Light packets into water to make a tasty solution! Thanks to the parents who sent materials in, and thanks to the parents who came to help out. There were actually more parents willing to help out and send in materials than needed!  That is amazing parent involvement! THANK YOU!

Postcard Project 2012


Last week we were very excited to receive our first postcards! Some were addressed to Kendall, and some were addressed to Alex! They came from Georgia, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin/ Michigan (The lighthouse postcard), California, and the one and only…Tennessee!




Here is information about our postcard project:
Riverwood third grade students will participate in a postcard project this year. Our goal is to receive a postcard from each of the fifty states, and other countries would be great too! If you know anyone who would be willing to send us a postcard – give them our school address. It will be fun to see how many postcards we receive. This will be a yearlong project!Here is our address:

Riverwood Elementary
Mrs. White’s Class
1330 Stern Lane
Cordova, TN 38016